Every company needs a communications expert

Carolyn F Sampson WriterIn this age of information overload, the English language has grown to include more than 1 million words. At the same time, our high-pressure schedules leave little time for crafting polished, professional business communications. Even daily newspaper articles, written and proofread by trained journalists and copy editors, are rarely error-free. With our journalistic standards quickly eroding, it’s tempting to believe that well-researched and well-written copy is no longer important. Why not just grind something out and move on to the next project?

Writing solid, professional business communications, from marketing and advertising copy to proposals, presentations and speeches, is still one of the most important activities on your To Do list. Cutting through the noise to persuade your employees, boss, customers and prospects to take action is vital, whatever the desired action might be.

Business writing is an expertise, just like accounting, engineering and human resource management. Most companies do not need a full-time writer and editor on staff, but every company should have a business communications expert available when needed.

Every business needs an experienced branding and marketing expert. Whether you need a professional writer a few hours a week or a few hours a year, contact me to discuss your projects. I’ll provide you with a timeline and cost estimate for one of the most important things I know how to do: making you and your company look great!

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